Early Childhood Association

A not for profit Association

Registration No : MRM - 1082 2011 - G.B.B.S.D


Invitation to be a Life Member of Early Childhood Association – E.C.A.

The early years of a child’s life are indeed the foundational years. The Early Childhood Association is set up with the vision that all the preschools, balwadi’s, N.G.O’s, children’s activity classes, parents, student teachers, media houses, companies that deal with children’s products, in short everyone connected to young children can all come together to advocate, discuss and bring about a change in the quality of care, development and learning in early childhood in India.
Our goal is advocacy for ‘stress free’ childhood years, after all this is the right of every child. We want to touch the lives of all those who affect the lives and learning of children- be it teachers, parents, policy makers, entrepreneurs, media.
We invite you to join us at Early Childhood Association as its LIFE MEMBER , the fees for the same are 5000/-. As part of the fees paid for life membership you would be entitled to the following-

  • A free membership welcome kit with ECE resources.
  • You can become a member of the ECA whatsapp group of your territory.
  • You are also entitled 50% off on all workshops, seminars, or events organized by ECA anywhere in India. ( please note the 50% is not applicable for National/International conference of ECA)
  • You will receive a life membership card and a certificate stating that you are a life member of ECA and your membership number.
    • Please define while becoming a life member whether you want the life membership as an individual or as an institute. If it is an individual membership then it will come in your name, so only you can use the above- mentioned benefits, they are non transferable for an individual membership.
    • If you will take the life membership in the name of an institute/school/company then any staff of your institute/school/company can use the benefits, they only have to carry a Xerox of the membership card while registering.

We are eagerly awaiting your confirmation and association with Early Childhood Association. Do visit www.eca- india.org also you can play an active part in all the activities advocacy and reforms being brought in by Early Childhood Association.