Early Childhood Association

A not for profit Association

Registration No : MRM - 1082 2011 - G.B.B.S.D


Invitation to be as the ‘CORPORATE MEMBER’ Of Early Childhood Association – E.C.A.

A unique opportunity to showcase your product to Schools, Principals, Teachers and Parents- Pan India Introducing to you the Early Childhood Association an organization that has over 5000 members from all walks and section of society. This organization aims to bring together all stakeholders to make childhood a happy experience for children. Do visit our website www.eca-india.org for more details about us. We present to you a unique CORPORATE membership on our website, so that you can reach out to all the members of ECA and also to all those who visit our website. When you become a CORPORATE member there are other benefits too.

    Membership Cost:
  • Life membership - 20,000/-
  • Membership for three years - 10,000/-
  • Yearly membership – 5000/-

    In any of the above categories, when you become a member you get the following benefits for the term of your membership-
  • You will get logo presence on our home page as our partners.
  • You will get a page about your company, your logo will appear on our homepage, and when one clicks on your logo, your page will open up.
  • Your details will also feature in our corporate member section on our website.
  • You will design both these page and we will upload it as given.
  • You can also send us a jpeg of your company/product and we will email it to all our members and introduce you to them. Please ensure that you add your contact details in this jpeg.
  • When we organize a conference or workshop in any of our territories then we would give you first preference to be a sponsor.
  • At our national/international conference you would get logo presence on all collaterals if you are a Corporate Life Member.